What You Seek is Seeking You.


Combining exercise, meditation, adventures and motivational speakers to help people take the leap of faith to love a greater life.

At RediscoverU, you can expect to be inspired right from the beginning. We start our events with a inspirational speaker, 'setting the tone' for the upcoming days. Your workouts (programmed for all levels) will be ran by 2 professional coaches with over 20 years of training combined. The classes will consist of mainly body weight exercises, kettlebells and resistance bands.

We want to bring the joy back to your fitness experience.

Along with your fitness classes, yoga and mediation practice and speakers, the team at RediscoverU will seek out adventures that take you to the edge of your comfort zone, toeing the line of fear and discovery.



Do you want to take charge of your life?

If the answer is 'YES', prepare to transform and re-ignite. RediscoverU experts will evaluate, rebuild and curate the best version of you.




Reason, season or a lifetime. I heard this simple phrase years ago and changed the way i looked at the people who came into my life. I have a strong belief that everyone has greatness in them, and when surrounded by like-minded people something special can happen.

I assembled the RU team with the individuals i have grown very close with over the years. Personally selected based off of the expertise in their given field, but more importantly, selected off of their high character, passion for life and inspiration for others.

The RU teams truly loves life, all its has to offer and genuinely has your back!

Together, we are stronger

RediscoverU was created to help people escape a life of mediocrity, struggle and complacency. It is our mission to take you way from your daily grind and back into nature.

Our Experiences together will act as a reset physically, mentally and spiritually. You will be coached on the tools and armour needed to keep motivation high day in and day out.



I am a California native with an excessive knowledge and background in fitness, athletics, and life-changing disciplines. As a collegiate athlete I learned very important life altering skills of commitment, discipline, patience, and hard work. These are the essential building blocks needed to create the life we sometimes only dream about.

My career as a fitness professional started at The University of San Diego where I worked as a full-time strength and conditioning intern coach for the men's football and women's volleyball team at age 24. It was here where I learned I wanted to pursue coaching rather than only being a player.

This new and exciting transition came after one school year at USD and 2 years as a Master Personal Trainer at The Sporting Club in La Jolla, CA. I then relocated back to the Bay Area to continue my career as a fitness professional and life coach at Equinox in downtown San Francisco.

In 2016 I opened Swing Kettlebell School with my close friend and training partner, Luke Wilson. Together we have created one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning gyms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My highest priority is to build an unbreakable trust with my clients, coach them through their health and fitness journey, and always being in their corner when life’s 'dark times' become present.

I am a fitness professional with an uncanny ability to teach, motivate, and inspire individuals to take a leap of faith in changing their lives for the better. Through exercise, attitude, and a healthy perspective on life we can develop skills that are earned, not given.



Jessica Dufour is a Master Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP). With over 10,000 hours of mastery she continues to deepen her understanding of the material by studying Holographic NLP. She also helps to teach at NLP Marin where she assists students in learning Transformational NLP.

The first half of Jessica’s career was as an Senior Experience Designer & Researcher. Jessica received her B.A. in Design | Media Arts from UCLA and went on to study advertising in San Francisco. For 15 years Jessica has worked on the largest brands in the world like Google, Nike, PayPal, Hilton and the list goes on.

Jessica’s strong passion for helping others to have a better experiences has grown beyond the constraints of websites and mobile apps. Now, Jessica helps people shift their unconscious beliefs so that they can experience a life that is in service to their overall wellbeing.


Over 10 years ago I suffered a debilitating lower back injury while lifting heavy weights in the gym. The injury took me away from basketball the sport I love and the lifestyle I had grown accustom to. I could barely walk as I suffered from numbness and lack of motor control in my left leg. I was scared I would never move athletically again and depressed I had pushed myself to injury. For years I tried everything from the chiropractor, prednisone, cortisone shots, to aligning my chakras. Nothing worked.

It wasn’t until I began to combine self-myofascial release with therapeutic strength training that I even started seeing any progress. Through years of consistency and dedication to get stronger I have fully recovered and only suffer from mild sciatica when sitting for long periods of time. This injury forced me to reinvent my training style and research and learn the most effective and efficient ways to build strength without causing pain or injury.

I began working with people with back injuries because I felt confident I could help. I understood their pain and how to mentally support them through the tough road they had ahead of them. The methods and programs I began to develop for people is what I call The Low Back Solution. Please reach out with any questions you may have as it is my passion to help people who are currently suffering from this same unforgiving injury.


Stephanie began her yoga journey 5 years ago in 2013 after attending her first yoga class in San Francisco’s gorgeous Cathedral. She immediately fell in love. Growing up, Stephanie played competitive sports, enjoys all things active, and lives being in outdoors in Mother Nature. After graduating university, and joining the work forces in Silicon Valley, her balance was thrown off and she kissed her athletic/competitive side.

Yoga became her sport; however she soon realized the deeper impact yoga created in her daily life maturing toward her true authentic self. She completed the RYT 200 hour course at Vikasa, in Koh Samui, Thailand. Stephanie aims to provide her students a positive, playful and spiritual atmosphere where one can cultivate a connection with the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, while also promoting greater focus, mobility, increased flexibility, and injury prevention. Join her on a rewarding journey to self discovery!


First off I am a father of two amazing girls. They are my biggest teachers in life. I have been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and sports performance specialist for nearly 18 years. But it wasn't until I stumbled upon the teachings of Paul Chek that I realized how important bridging the gap between mind, body & spirit was in really driving results.

I got certified as a holistic nutrition/life coach about the same time I started my yoga journey 14 years ago. I was fascinated with how closely the foundations and principles of yoga aligned with my understanding of life and what it means to truly connect to our highest self.

I'm fascinated by the mental emotional and spiritual connection to learned behavior and love how yoga and mindfulness help peel back the layers in understanding what governs the decision making process. I love anything that helps break the bonds of the faulty conditions we have set. Reprogramming how we are hard wired through mindfulness, sacred self care, daily rhythms and acute stress like ice cold plunges are just some of the ways I enjoy this process of self mastery.

I hold certifications as a 200hr RYT certified yoga instructor, NASM CES PES, CHEK Exercise coach & Level 2 Holistic life coach, Functional diagnostic nutritionist, CMTA custom nutrition specialist.






Certified Personal Trainer and a Lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast. I picked up my first weight at the age of 15 and have never looked back since. Having worked at Equinox in San Francisco as a top tier trainer and now at BaseCamp Fitness in Los Angeles, helping people try and improve their health will always be a mission for me in life. To be a part of RediscoverU is an honor and I am so excited to play a role for everyone who decides to be a part of the journey!

Drew was a collegiate college basketball player, KB certification, ACE Fitness Certification, CPR/AED.